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Driving to Disneyland

Oct 31, 2021

Happy Not-So-Scary Halloween!  Kristen and Catherine head to Oogie Boogie bash and talk about the newest trends in Zombie movies adored by 7-year-olds, under boob, oral surgery and other scary stories.  Join us for a weird and wild trip to Oogie Boogie!

Aug 21, 2021

Catherine and Kristen are back at the parks!  Listen in to find out what you need to know about WEB Slingers, the brand-new Avenger's campus, and what it takes to hork down a goo-filled cake while sitting and admiring a hot Captain America.  No ride spoilers were given in the making of this episode - except during a few...

Jul 28, 2021

It’s Lemon, everybody! Catherine and Kristen hit the road to DLR again, this time for a day at California Adventure! Avengers Campus, ahoy! The anticipation is high as we failed at our 7am boarding pass attempt for Spider-Man: Webslingers. Will noon bring salvation…dare we say a vengeance? Join us in the car for...

Jun 24, 2021

Get all the secrets, frustrations, joys and tirades about what it's like to go to Disneyland right now.  Kristen and Catherine dish about what on earth we're all supposed to do with these new ways of doing things, even as they continually change (every. single. day.).  Welcome to Disneyland!

Jun 12, 2021

Hang on tight, Brad-of-being-married-to-Catherine-fame is driving like a maniac to get the girls to Disneyland!  After 450 long days, Kristen and Catherine get to drive to the D! It's Bwad's first time at Batuu, complete with a ride on Rise of the Resistance.  Tune in and find out all about why you should be keeping TP...