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Driving to Disneyland

Oct 29, 2019

It's a Halloween Spooky Morning Redux! 

Kristen and Catherine give in to their basest instincts of meeting Disney villains, grabbing pics with Jack Skellington, sipping and munching on Halloween treats and finding their bliss by skipping long wait times at Haunted Mansion Holiday.  It's the Aftermagic!

Oct 26, 2019

Rewards are in store for Kristen and Catherine on Spooky Morning Redux!  The girls try to hit all the scary rides - Haunted Mansion, Indiana Jones, Snow White & Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (among others!).  Spooky Halloween desserts are discussed, and the girls are treated with an even more special, long-awaited...

Oct 21, 2019

Catherine & Kristen attempt a Spooky Morning & wind up with a Minnie Witch Shake, some popcorn, a Starbucks pumpkin cold brew and spend some time crying at Disney at Coco's Plaza de la Familia.  Get out your tissues and toot toot beep beep your feelings all over the place in California Adventure.

Oct 19, 2019

Welcome to Disneyland!  Kristen & Catherine reveal hidden spooktacular spots around Disneyland, try their hand at Spooky Morning, and Catherine's sidebars are as frequent as speedbumps.  Oogie Boogie Bash and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween are in full swing, so the girls try all the Disneyland treats they can find,...

Oct 14, 2019

Hosts Kristen Henley and Catherine Law free the nipple and accidentally summon a ghost (thanks to our new ghost for being fully audible, this is a podcast after all).  Arnold Vosloo's Imhotep from the Mummy serves dadbod, the kid from Eddie Murphy's Haunted Mansion serves major face, and you can help us decide whether...